Thursday, 14 May 2009

Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its official my eldest son has now left school. It was his last day today and Study leave starts tomorrow with exams over the next few weeks! where have the years gone? The "children" are getting so grown up!!!! He is hoping to go to sixth form for his A levels but tells me it is different from school as he will be treated more like an adult ( he won't be 16 until august so is one of the youngest in the year)! just thought I would mark the occasion with a mention on my blog!


  1. Ah, my friend has written on her facebook that her daughter leaves school tomorrow! This time next year it will be Tom's turn x

  2. I know what you mean Alyson, life does fly daughter is an august baby too....

    but will warn you, it flies by even quicker after they leave school...

    maria x

  3. oh dear Alyson now what? its scarey, my DD will leave this time nxt year, i will be hounding you for tips!
    good luck to him x