Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Why I haven't posted in a while..............

For those of you who visit my blog to see my crafting you may not want to read further but I am feeling very low at the moment and thought that if I got some things off my chest it may help. As some of you know my mother passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. Despite being unwell with a form of dementia caused by her diabetes (thats another story) her passing was a great shock and although I know she did not suffer and would have wanted to go this way it is still hard to come to terms with. My elderly father is staying with us as they lived some 2 1/2 hrs away and I do not want him to be alone at this time. Well the last 2 weeks have been full of funeral plans and toing and froing to my parents house. Our hurt has been added to by the fact that a neighbour who has been awkward with my parents over the last couple of years, who knew my mother had passed away and that the funeral was going to happen, went and parked his car outside my parents house and cleared off on holiday! How can people be so cruel as to deprive my mother of going to her final resting place from her own home? These neighbours have abused the elderly people in the street arguing with them on more than one occasion but the strange thing is that the woman works for "Help the Aged"(or whatever it is called now), so how does that work I ask myself? Of course everyone is too scared to stand up to them and my dad has had enough on, caring for my mother to get into any arguments with them. We shall have to bite our tongue over this now as I don't want them to start on my father again if he is ever at the house alone!
To top it all my mothers brother will be at the funeral, no doubt showing crocodile tears for my mother. This man hasn't been to visit my mother and the last time he saw her, he stood behind her chair and talked over her totally ignoring her! Sorry but he had better watch is tongue tomorrow or he might find out just what I think of him!!!!
I am not looking for your sympathy in writing this but just needed an outlet for my frustrations. Thank you for all the messages and cards that I have received and although I don't always respond to the messages I do read and take comfort from them.
Not sure when I will write again but thank you all for being there!
Hugs Alyson x

Friday, 6 August 2010

Our Trip To Cadbury World.........

On Wednesday (4th August)it was my son's 17th birthday, where do the years go????
He chose where to go for the day and plumped for Cadbury World in Birmingham. We have been a few years ago and had a good time and of course our fill of chocolate so it was s good choice!
Well yet again it was a great day, Sophie had a wonderful time and especially enjoyed seeing the drum playing Gorilla from the cadbury adverts shown here in the uk!(Also the children with the "dancing" eyebrows lol)
When we got back home my husband who is a driving instructor took my son for his first driving lesson. Of course I had to record the occassion with a photo or two much to my son's embarassment!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Flowers for the August Swap on the scrapbeach

The August swap is Orange flowers so I cut these from old book pages and stained them with Marmalade distress ink. Fun to make!