Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Jacobs Ladder Mini Album

Its been a busy few days. We had the OT in today to see about sorting a wet room for Sophie downstairs as we are in the process of converting the garage into a downstairs bedroom for her. Hopefully it will give her a bit more independance as she gets older!

Have also been in the new greenhouse planting seeds ready for the summer! I have been taking photos as I have set a little project for Sophie and I to do, which is a mini book about the greenhouse. The only problem being at the moment that Sophie won't set foot inside it as it is plastic windows and not glass and makes a terrible noise when the wind blows! The unfortunate thing is that it has been breezy everyday so far since it has been assembled :(

One project that I have completed during the evenings is a Jacobs Ladder mini Album:
I have called it "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!" as it is filled with photo's of Sophie doing just that!
Not 100% happy with it as ribbon could do with being a bit narrower but a fun project all the same!


  1. its beautiful alyson, iv always fancied having ago at one of these. but never got around to it. i just might now. any help welcome. gina xxxxxx

  2. WOW what a fab book alyson, well done, I never done one of these, they look too difficult to me.....

    we had a wet room done downstairs for steven a few years back, it's a godsend, wouldn't be without it now...

    maria x

  3. Clever you Alyson !! I`ve never made a jacobs ladder either. Missed the class we had at craft centre as well. Hope everything goes well with Sophies wet room.

    Diane xx

  4. Lovely book Alyson. Like Diane I missed the class at craft centre. If it's repeated I'll def. give it a go!
    Sue xx