Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sophie's mini communication book

Just a quick catch up on my latest projects:

First of all an anniversary card for my brother and sister in law.

Made using Joanna Sheen Victorian Romance CD Rom. Actually made a couple of these as sister in law also have anniversary this month!

I am also in the process of making Sophie a mini book for her to fill with photos etc about the greenhouse ( as mentioned in a previous post) as the idea is that she helps me to plant the seeds and care for them!

My final quick project was to make Sophie a mini communication book for her to use when we are out and about. Sophie uses a system called PECs and have an A4 folder of probably about 100 symbols that she uses at school and home but it isn't very convenient to take when we go out. So I thought it would be useful to have a mini book of just the basic signs that she could carry in a small bag and have access to when we are out. I have used book rings so that the signs can be added to.

Each sign is laminated to make it stronger and I have used clear sticky backed plastic on the covers to make them more hard wearing and wipeable of sticky finger marks!

I finished it last night and when I showed it to Sophie this morning she flicked through it straight away and found the snack page, cheeky thing she is always driven by food lol!


  1. what a fab idea alyson. i love sophie's first choice. lol gina xxxxxx

  2. Hi Alyson

    My son Ross also uses PECS although his speech is starting to develop - didn't speak at all until he was 8½!!! THis is a fab idea and one I may well consider for the weekends when Ross is home. Well done you!!


  3. oh alyson I love it, as you know steven uses PECS, we have a A5 folder that we keep at school and home, and uses a little flip album which I keep in my bag...of like you said basic symbols that you need when out...

    I love your idea and will tell other mums about it, if you don't mind...

    hope you're all well...

    maria x

  4. hi Alyson i love Sophies mini book im sure you will find it so much easier for her and prettier too,
    hugs to you all

  5. Your card (above) is beautiful, but your little book for Sophie really is an inspiration, what a marvellous idea! Welldone you!
    Sue x