Saturday, 16 May 2009

Green House Mini Album

Have finally got round to sitting down with Sophie for some crafting and we have made a good start on her mini greenhouse album. Must admit I made the book a couple of weeks ago and had all the photos printed, cut to size and with double sided tape on ready as her attention span is not great. Sophie loves to help pull the backing of the tape and had great fun choosing the peel offs that I found with a garden theme so suitable and easy to use in the book!
It is not finished but the intention is to add photos of the plants as they grow and hopfully of the tomatoes etc at the end! A good record for Sophie of how vegtables grow!


  1. Love the house shape book Alyson !! What a great idea for Sophie.

  2. Your greenhouse album is looking fabulous so far Alyson...perfect papers, and the photos look so neat in the lovely shaped album! Cant wait to see more...what a fun project for you and Sophie!
    Sue x

  3. It's looking good Alyson, both you and Sophie have done a great job, well done...

    maria x

  4. I love you greenhouse album, its fab.

  5. Hi alyson i love sophie's green house album its lovely and a great visual tool for her, great fun to make too,
    well done hunny, looking forward to seeing more.