Friday, 19 June 2009

More mini Album pictures

Here are a few more picture from my mini album as I couldn't seem to get the slide show to work I am having to put them on like this!
Well Sophie seemed in a better mood this morning! lets hope it lasts the weekend as we are hoping to go to the East Of England Contry show at Peterborough tomorrow. We usually meet up with my parents there but not sure if they are going this year as they are both under the weather with cold/ flu like symptoms!
Early start for me this morning as I dropped the boys off at school at 8.25. Sam has his second from last GCSE exam today, Sociology. Did some shopping for a picnic tomorrow and now back home. Kevin has some pupils comming up for there driving tests next week so I have to make some congratulation cards for him to give them if they pass!

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  1. it's lovely alyson, and have a lovely weekend...

    maria x