Monday, 22 June 2009

East Of England Show

Well we made it to the East of england Show on Saturday, despite the forcast being showery we were lucky with the weather and the only shower was when we were inside having a coffee so we missed it!
High light of the day was when we were able to go in the show ring with 3 packs of hunts dogs, Basset hounds, Beagles and Fox hounds. While I don't support hunting it was lovely to see all the dogs and they were so friendly especially with Ash! Amazing that despite all the people and distractions when one of the huntsmen sounded the horn all the dogs went over to him giving their full attention it as a sight to see!

The big surprise of the day was when we were walking around who should walk by us but David Hasslehoff! At first I didn't believe it was him but it has been mentioned on the local radio this morning so it seems he was there!

As the weather was quite nice in the evening we stayed for the live band this year it was Marmalade for the 60's and 70's. Although I didn't recognise them as I wasn't a fan when they were about I did know lots of the songs that they played. Sophie had a great time dancing until tiredness hit her and we had to come away!


  1. looks like you had a fab time.
    glad you all had fun.

  2. Glad you managed to get there Alyson and had fun. No photo of Mr Hasslehoff then .....

    Hugs Diane xx

  3. Only photo we got was of his back as he was getting into his car lol!

  4. looks a fab day out alyson...

    maria x