Thursday, 4 June 2009

Catch up

Things have been hectic here lately what with Sam my eldest son doing his GCSE's, my hubby's 50th birthday last Sunday and general life! Finally I have time for a catch up:

I made this 50th Birthday Album as a memento for Kevin, each of his sisters wrote a message and sent me a family photo to go in it. Quite pleased with the result I gave it to him on Saturday when we had a small family party for him!

Sunday we went to Brancaster in Norfolk. Not the best of ideas as the traffic was horrendous due to the lovely weather and we got stuck in traffic jams both there and back! Ash, my middle son had the oportunity to go flying with the Air cadetes so he did that as there were only 4 given the opportunity from the 15 that put there names down! He went to RAF cranwell. Pictures to follow when I get more time.......


  1. What a lovely idea Alyson !!

  2. lovely album alyson, and what a great idea....

    belated birthday wishes to your hubby (mines 49 tomorrow)...

    maria x