Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mini Album finished!

I've finally finished adding photo's , journalling, flowers , gems etc to my mini heart album! Quite pleased with the results! As ever a busy couple of days, needed to catch up on some cards what with Fathers day the weekend and a few male birthdays comming up! Also not having a great time with Sophie at the moment she was in such a bad mood this morning that she bit herself and drew blood! Hopefully this is a one off and not a new phase that she is going to. She wasn't bothered that she had hurt herself she seems to have a high pain threshold! Hopefully she will be in a better mood when she gets home from school!


  1. Alyson your album is lovely, very pretty. and a great way for you to remember your lovely weekend away.

    I hope sophie is better this evening.
    hugs for you both.

  2. Love the album Alyson !! Tomorrow is another day for you both.......

    Hugs as always,

    Diane xx