Saturday, 13 August 2011

Missing In Action....

Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't updated my blog for a while but with the kids being off school for the summer holidays life kinda takes over! We had a lovely week away in the Lake district. Never been before but the scenery was stunning and we were lucky as we had gorgeous weather with no rain what so ever, a rarety with it being the wettest part of the country and in fact they had flooding the week before we went!
On our return it was full steam ahead for the preparations for my eldest son, Sam's 18th birthday. We went for a meal on the day and had a Hawiian themed BBQ for family and friends last saturday. Yet again we were lucky as the weather held out with just a few spots of rain that didn't come to anything!
Hope to catch up with you all again soon with some crafting! Until then enjoy what is left of the summer!


  1. sounds as if you've been busy as usual alyson...

    how's sophie with all the change of routine? we are lucky now as steven has been out of school for a year and has actually realised he's left school, lol... has not asked for it since about Easter, so good sign...

    sending you lots of hugs and sparkles, take care...xx

    maria xx

  2. Sorry that I haven't been by to see the blog in a while. So glad I came tonight. Beautiful pics of the lake district and I am so glad Sam's party turned out well. Love and hugs Deanna

  3. Hi Alyson!
    Your photos are wonderful, I hope your son had a fantastic birthday, love the palm tree! Sounds like you all had loads of fun, and hope he liked his junk album, it's wonderful too!
    Suzie xxxx :)