Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Version Of A Smash Book using 7 Gypsies and a Zutter Cover-All!

See photo's below!
Thank you for looking!


  1. Smashing book Alyson !! Your books cover paper is very much like your blogs background !!

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  2. alyson thanks for the inspiration!!loved the photo on the first page!!

  3. Hi Alyson!.. Love your journal, but you know? I don't recall anyone ever being bestowed with some kind of all-mighty power to demand what size your journal should be! In fact, the point of these journals, is that there ARE NO RULES!! So whatever you chose your size to be, IS just perfect!! My own junque/art journal, which I've just started recently, is approximately 9"x12", because I want LOTS of room to scrap, sketch, paint or color, and to save everything from the silliest tidbits, to MY most treasured photos and memories!! So, I'm not doing what "everybody" seems to be doing either! I absolutely LOVE the idea behind these books, whatever size and style they may be, and I really love how yours came out! (I got a kick out of that horse picture!) Happy Birthday, and Best Wishes to your son!... And wishing you and all your family a great weekend! Enjoy! ~tina

  4. fab book alyson, the one I'm making is 8x11, so yet another different size, lol...

    thanks for sharing yours it's absolutely fab, higs to all the family...xx

    maria xx