Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I've not had a lot of time for crafting this past 6 weeks with the school holidays but I did get time here and there to put together this SMASH style book to use for pictures of my daughter that get sent home form school! I was fun to make so here is the video:


  1. Wonderful book Alyson, a lovely way to keep Sophie's photos! Valerie

  2. Alyson, your little book is just enchanting!!! What a wonderful idea, I adore it, it's simply beautiful! as are the photos of Sophie.

    I have so many photo that of the kids that I would love to do something similar.

    Please, please, please could you do a demo on how you bound the album. I feel totally inspired to create one myself.

    Thanks for sharing Alyson, as always your work is beautiful and very inspiring and I'm sure Sophie will love it!

    Really looking forward to seeing your demo (I hope!)

    Suzie xxxx :)

  3. WOW fab book alyson, I absolutely love it and not surprised sophie does too...

    does she enjoy looking at photos? steven does, we have a box full laminated ones, he looks through them all the time....

    I've already made a smash book for myself, but WOULD love to see your demo, as mine shows my wires, so would love to cover the next one I make..

    so ditto with suzie, pleasssssseeeeeeee....xx

    maria xx

  4. What a wonderful smash book and thank you for going to the trouble to show us in such detail I really enjoyed looking through it with you and hearing about how you done it, and what some of the photos were and it looks fabulous

    I am filling in a pre bought smah book which was brought from John Lews as a travel journal and watching your video has inspired me to carry on hugs alma xx