Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dotees and decorated tin

Well what have I been doing over the last couple of days? Well as you can see from the photo I have finished off 4 dotees that will be winging there way to new homes soon. Apart from all the daily living stuff, shopping housework etc I have tried to find time for some crafting as i have lots of ideas buzzing round my head but no time to do them!!!

One project that I did manage to do was for Gina's christmas challenge on the docrafts forum. I have decorated a tin to store packs of seeds in as a christmas gift for someone.see above right.

I have now started another project that has been in the planning for a while more to be revealed later!!!!

Sophie has received her weekly "Treasure" from Diane , a beautiful butterfly story card. Diane is so talented and it never ceases to amaze me what she will come up with next! thank you Diane it has been added to sophie's treasure box and will be looked at with care!


  1. Aw...your dotees are so cute, lovely colours and beautifully embellished! Welldone Alyson...and for the tin, that really is fab!
    Sue x

  2. I just love dotee dolls, well done they're fab. (Love the tin too!) Sue C x

  3. oh alyson, I just love your dotee's, well done and as for your tin, as my daughter would say, it's lush...

    maria x