Monday, 27 April 2009

Busy weekend!

I don't know where this weekend has gone! With all the lovely weather Sophie and Ash had great fun in the garden. A wonderful surprise arrived for Sophie on Saturday a gorgeous handcrafted cat book made by a very kind lady called Diane whom we "met" via the the docrafts forum. Diane often sends these "treasures" to Sophie who gets great joy opening her own post!
I have lots of crafting ideas at the moment but so far no time to do them :(
Sam returned from his DofE expedition yesterday early evening, he was shattered, sunburnt and had blisters all over his feet ouch!!! we are now glad the the actual expedition that was to be next weekend has been postponed to give him time to recover! he has walked about 51km over 3 days and had to carry a rather heavy backpack. Still despite it all he said he enjoyed himself which is the main thing.

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  1. hi Alyson, i love sophies book its lovely and a lovely kind lady Dianne is.

    congraulations to your son, i hope he rests well now,
    hugs jennix