Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sport Relief !!!!

Anyone that has been following my blog a while will know how my daughter throws her emthusiasm at any charity related events that we have here in the uk: Children in Need, Red Nose day etc. Well the latest event Sport Relief is no exception. She has already bought the tee shirt , (well she owns 2 but hasn't seen the second one yet as we are keeping it for her to wear on the day!, It is just that she was driving us mad everytime she saw something to do with sport relief indicating that she wanted a tee shirt so we finally decided to get her another (different) one knowing that she will happily wear it long after the event lol!)
Anyhow I digress.... We signed Sophie up to do the local Sport relief Mile, anyone that has followed me a while knows that this will be a huge challenge as she is not steady on her feet the best of times and will no doubt do much of the walk with me pushing her in her wheel chair, however Sophie wanted to be part of the event like her dad and brother!
Then we find out that she has been picked to be part of a Treadmillathon on the friday before the Sport Relief Mile (which is 25th March) so it is looking to be a busy weekend for her.
I wouldn't normally ask but if you would like to Sponsor Sophie her Sport Relief Giving page is here:
Thank you!
hugs Alyson and Sophie x


  1. Hiya Alyson !! Have emailed you because my addy has changed.

    hugs Diane xx

    1. well done sophie, you did really well and you should be very proud of yourself as we are, well done...xx

      maria and steven...xx