Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Out Of My Comfort Zone....

I joined a swap with a difference over on the scrapbeach. The swap was in 2 parts, first of all we had to put together some kits in the theme of Spring, to decorate a TP roll album. We had to make a kit of parts for each person taking part, including: patterned paper, ribbons, flowers, beads etc.etc. these where the bagged up and sent to our lovely host Irene who then sorted them out and sent the kits to everyone.Are you following me lol?
Second stage on recieving the kits from everyone is then to create a TP roll mini album, for a partner who Irene has selected for you, using only the components in the kits although we are allowed to use our own inks, paints etc. This way we can see what different albums everyone comes up with despite using the same kit of goodies! The thing is that being a Spring theme all the components were lovely bright colours which I don't usually work with as those of you that follow will know!
Well here is a sneak peak at the album, which is still a work in progress...
Doing something like this has really got me thinking outside the box, as you will notice on the charm I didn't have enought to fill it so I added a safety pin that was in the kit with some beads on it which I thinks looks rather good!


  1. Alyson, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I don't think we have anything like that here in Texas.

  2. love it alyson, well done on 'thinking outside the box'...xx

    maria xx

  3. Alyson, this is going to be a really lovely mini album ... it's already looking fab, I love it!

    Hugs - Carole x

  4. Alyson, this is just lovely! I know you are a vintage style gal, but this still has a touch of Alyson about it, just beautiful!! Before all the building madness bagan, I too had a little play with some TP rolls, looked at many YouTube vids for idea, and had great fun squashing all the tubes decorating them, just need to add photos and all the embellishments, I love these little albums, they're such a fun way to recycle loo rolls, and love the fact that they are are so very mini, and you fit so much into it. Have fun with your swap Alyson, and really looking forward to see move.
    Suzie xxxx :)

  5. Hi Alyson! Love it so far! What a fun swap this must be!.. I am absolutely hooked on TP roll mini albums! I've just finished my third one, for St. Patrick's Day!.. I just haven't posted it yet!.. SO MUCH FUN these little scrappy albums are, to put together, and challenging as you work with such tiny spaces and backgrounds! I'm feeling pretty SURE I'll be making an Easter one too, sometime soon!... Have a great weekend! ~tina