Monday, 7 February 2011

Where does the time go?

Well my little girl became a teenager on Saturday and she is getting so grown up! Despite having special needs she notices what the other "young ladies" are wearing and wants to be just like them: clothes, hair, makeup etc.Very girly!
We bought a birthday cake from Asda and it was yummy as you can see lol! If you like chocolate cake I would definately recommend it!


  1. Belate Birthday Wishes Sophie !! Where does the time go Alyson as you say...

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  2. belated birthday wishes sophie...

    and hugs to your mum, having 3 teenagers in the house, lol...xx

    maria xxx

    and yes where does the time go, steven leaves being a teenager next month, yikes..xx

  3. Hi Alyson! I have seen your videos through YouTube, and love your work! I am just a rookie right now, just sticking her toe in the water, in the world of scrapbooking. I have made one TP Roll album, and am already starting a couple more projects... I LOVE it! I'm sure you're not surprised at how the UPS man is my new best friend... "the new man in my life", ha! ha! He delivers all my scrapbook supplies, as I try to gradually purchase and collect my tools and stash, a little at a time!... I'm now your newest follower.. and Happy Birthday to your daughter Sophie! ~tina

  4. Hi Alyson, HOw are you? Happy birthday to Sophie! x