Sunday, 18 April 2010

Our Holiday.....

Around Whitby are a lot of places that are used as TV and Film Locations. We visited a Village called Goathland which was used in the filming of Heartbeat, along with the surrounding Moors. A couple of places were still set up as for filming!

Goathland railway station was also used in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone as "Hogsmeade Station". The car at the top of this post was also used in one of the Harry potter films!


  1. I love places of interest like that thanks for sharing and what wonderful photos to scrapbook almax

  2. Great photos Alyson! Sounds like a lovely holiday.
    Sue xx

  3. Love the pictures a 'reet trip down Memory Lane' I Live in Cornwall another county which is used for many a film and TV series. Like 'Ladies in Lavender'and 'Doc Martin' both of which were filmed not far from where I live, and a few others. We had a Film Studio in St Agnes which was broken into and a lot of film props were stolen.. I only mention this because one of the props stolen was the car used in the Harry Potter Films and to this day I was not aware it had been found.. Obviously it has been and is alive and well in a little village up north.. I hope they look after it better than we did...LOL FAB Blog I shall come back often TC Peter

  4. Fab photo's Alyson, we've been there too, it's great!!! It's such a shame we missed each other, I would love to have met up with you! Next time we will have to arrange and nip into the Magpie for some fish and chips!

    Suzie xxxx :)