Saturday, 31 October 2009


Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! from a very wet Lincolnshire! Sophie is excited so I'm hoping that the weather will improve by tonight so that I can take her Trick or Treating! We only visit a few people that we know in the village then plan to get back home for Sophie to hand out the sweets to any "visitors" that we might get lol! Hopefully there will be lots of photo oportunities so watch this space!


  1. oh look forward to the photos alyson, hope you and sophie have great fun (and it stays dry for you)...

    maria x

  2. Awwww Happy Halloween to you too!! I think you are my partner for Felicia's mini album swap yahhhh!! Is there any particular colours or purpose you would like for your album? My email is if you want to send me a line so we can get to know each other :)