Monday, 13 July 2009

Teachers Thank you presents and card

I bought a card making kit from qvc recently and pulled it out so that Sophie could help make a thank you card at the weekend for her teacher. Had to leave sophie for a minute and when I returned she had popped out the dress image and chosen the purple card to stick it to so it was truly Sophie choice!
Also made some post it note organizers to give the teacher and classroom assistants with sophie's help!


  1. They're lovely Alyson! Great card from Sophie too.
    Sue xx

  2. they are lovely.
    well done to sophie too her card is fab.

  3. well done spohie, a lovely card...

    great post-it's too, well done both of you...

    maria x

  4. these are lovely Alyson, and well done Sophie for hers too, Jan xx